Monthly Archives: November 2015

Community Capacity Building: Land Use Planning Workshop

The past month, the Outreach Team visited 3 of the project sites in Moyamba District to continue capacity building among the local community leaders and elders focusing mainly on Land Use Planning Workshop. The Land Use Planning Workshop was held for community leaders in partnership with the Paramount Chief’s representative to teach community leaders on […]

Moseilelo School Construction Project: Promoting Conservation Education

Tacugama has partnered with Schools for Salone, a United States based non-profit that raises funding to build schools in Sierra Leone. Schools for Salone, in partnership with Programme for Children, have built over 19 schools, channeling funding to a local NGO, Programme for Children. Tacugama has partnered with both to construct a school for Moseilelo […]

Film Fun in Moyamba

During the past two months, the Outreach Team has been visiting the local communities to continue capacity building of the locally established conservation committees, monitor livelihood projects, conduct research, and deliver community-wide sensitization. At night, after all other work is done, the Outreach Team showcases a film in the local barri (meeting place). Conservation Manager, […]

Community Biodiversity Conservation Learning Exchange with STEWARD

This past month, one of our Outreach Officers had the opportunity to attend a learning exchange trip with USAID-funded and US Forest Service support programme, STEWARD, Sustainable and Thriving Environments for West African Regional Development. The group travelled to both Sierra Leone and Guinea sites to look at the benefit of STEWARD’s programmes in communities. […]

Tacugama Supports Community Development through Agriculture Intiatives

Tacugama provided Moseilelo a garri processing machine to help generate income, providing an alternative to hunting and the sale of bushmeat for the community. Garri is the product of grinding a cassava tuber into the garri machine to make grated pieces that can be roasted, creating the final product, garri. One 50 kg bag is […]