Monthly Archives: March 2015

Bala visits the Ebola Heroes

As this terrible Ebola crisis begins to fade away, I decided to visit the front line to see the important and dangerous work undertaken by many local and international health workers. It was a hair rising experience! I was touched by the dedication and commitment shown by every individual at the Port Loko Ebola Treatment […]

Ebola – still not defeated

While many Western media have stopped their regular reports on the Ebola situation, we cannot. The fact is that Ebola is still around in Sierra Leone. Tuesday the new confirmed cases were 14. This week, the Government announced that the proposed opening of the schools at the end of March would be postponed. Sierra Leone […]

Mama Posseh’s new house is taking shape!

Last year in April we posted following about Mama Posseh’s tragedy when her house burnt down. She sadly lost her life partner, who was not able to escape the home on time. To try to help at least a little bit, by finding a way to help rebuild her home, we set up our […]