Monthly Archives: September 2014

Perry: extremely sick at arrival in ’11 & thriving now

We like to stand still occasionally and realize the progress made by an individual chimp. Perry was one of the smallest and weakest orphans ever received by Tacugama. He arrived in May 2011, very underweight, dehydrated and with skin wounds and a bad chest infection. Luckily, the vets (Dr. Rosa and Dr. Rupak) were able […]

Busy days at Tacugama despite of lock-down

On the third and last day of the lock-down in Sierra Leone, we must say, we are so incredible proud of our team. They all volunteered to camp at Tacugama during the lock-down, in order to make sure that the chimps could be well looked after, even though everyone in Sierra Leone had been asked […]

Ebola getting close to home

Rest in Peace Dr. Olivette Buck. The fourth doctor has died in Sierra Leone, while bravely trying to fight the Ebola. This time it has hit us a bit harder, as we knew Dr. Olivette very well. This year in March, she and Bala were both invited to witness the Annual Speech Day and Prize […]