Monthly Archives: August 2014

Leadership book helps to raise money for Tacugama

Sweden Chimpanzee Trust has been a great supporter for Tacugama for years. This year was no exception. Last week, Tacugama received a generous donation of 100,000 Swedish Kroner (14,500 USD) from the Trust. The money was raised by the sale of the book ““Ledarskap på apstadiet” (Apeology – evolution for managers and leaders’) written by […]

Baby Fina fully recovered and Back in Group

In March this year, our youngest chimp baby, Fina, fell severely ill with symptoms resembling meningitis. She was unable to sit up or eat solids. We had to remove her from her mum, Finda, to be able to treat her effectively. For some weeks it seemed like she would not make it, but thankfully, she […]

Appeal for help – Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone

Thank you all for all the concerned emails we have received the last weeks concerning the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone. The situation is definitely very worrying, but for now, all of us at Tacugama – both people and animals – are well, and we are taking all precautionary measures to stay safe and calm. […]