Monthly Archives: May 2014

Manager hacks the Sierra Leone Marathon!

Our new programme manager Sofie braved the 10 km at the Sierra Leone 2014 Marathon last weekend in Makeni. Sofie has been training since her arrival in Sierra Leone running up and down the Tacugama mountain road. She successfully completed the race despite the sweltering hot weather and village obstacles. All participants contributed to raise funds […]

The Poultry Project – A livestock project from Tacugama

Our Outreach Team has recently started a new and exciting project; the Poultry Project. The project involves six communities in the Moyamba district. The team provides the communities with several local and hybrid breed chickens and helps them build suitable chicken house to keep the chickens safe at night. Tacugama aims to provide alternative livelihoods to these […]

Toad Thursday -An unusual friendship

The other day we found Joyce with a new friend. She had found a big toad in the enclosure and was sitting with him very quietly on her lap. Once in a while she would put the toad on her shoulder and the rather confused toad would sit there while being gently touched by Joyce. It […]

Huge surprise caught on camera trap – Jentink’s duiker seen on-site!

The last three weeks we have had three camera traps placed around our fences at Tacugama. Our outreach team, who are very experienced in field research work, placed the cameras to find out more about which wild species we have in our own area. The camera traps were retrieved today and came back with some […]

Using the Pedal Power Cinema for Conservation Education

At the moment Andrea Pawel is carrying out research for her Master at Tacugama. Here Andrea’s first report: I have recently come to Sierra Leone to work at Tacugama for 3 months. I am currently doing my masters degree at the University of Kent in the UK and will be carrying out my thesis research along […]