Mama Posseh’s personal tragedy

Many visitors to Tacugama have gotten to know Mama Posseh quite well. She is a dedicated surrogate mother to the baby chimps as well as making sure the lodge guests are well taken care off.

Posseh two years ago with Perry and Molly.

Posseh two years ago with Perry and Molly.

The infant chimpanzees are very attached to her (and vice versa) and she has a special place in the heart of current and former staff, volunteers and visitors to Tacugama.

Posseh 6 months ago with new arrival Morlai.

Posseh 6 months ago with new arrival Morlai.

Tragedy can strike suddenly and two weeks ago Mama Posseh was called out in the middle of the night to hear her house had burnt down and her longterm companion had died in the fire.

The charred remains of Posseh's house.

The charred remains of Posseh’s house and possessions.

Nothing can compensate for her personal loss, but we have started a fund to help rebuild her house. If you are able to help, send us an email at Donations can be made in person, with PayPal on our website or through bank transfer; just let us know in the comments it is for the ‘Posseh fund’.


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One comment on “Mama Posseh’s personal tragedy

  1. Jan Young on said:

    I’m donating $15 to Mama Posseh’s fund thru Paypal and there’s nowhere to put a comment so please make sure it goes into her fund!! thank you and good luck…x

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