Volunteers brighten up the Sanctuary!

Volunteer, Coloma Jaume, from Mallorca, has decorated some of the Sanctuary’s exterior walls. Below you can see the sequence of one of her works reproducing a design by Ewa O’Neill. See the original design on our Facebook page. Thanks to both!








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2 comments on “Volunteers brighten up the Sanctuary!

  1. Coloma Jaume Campomar on said:

    Hello Tacugama team!!
    Merry Christmas to you all. I miss Tacugama so much, i am so thankful to you for letting me join your wonderful project despite it was for such a short ammount of time. I keep such nice memories from all of you.
    Bala congratulations for achieving such a great success in conservation of this cool cousins of ours. I admire you very much and you are an inspiration.
    Jenny, you were a great guide for me when i got there.
    And Frankie, it was nice to see someone so competent making sure things worked smoothly.
    Also i enjoyed very much seeing Mama Poseh , Pastor , Franklin, Ansu, and all that great team working so hard for this noble cause.
    Thank you Rosa for publishing the pictures. I love the sequence!
    I wish you all the best and that the future projects will be another success.
    Remmeber that you are all wellcome to come stay at Bellavista in Mallorca any time.
    Big hugs to all humans and chimps!!
    Loads of love!

  2. muna sol on said:

    ets una crack!!! ai com t’estim!!! aferrades i amor de tota la familly!!!!

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