Monthly Archives: November 2013

Nico gets long awaited op to repair his arm

People who have been following this blog and our Facebook page know we have been trying hard to source much needed extra funds. All to let Nico get specialist help to repair an old fracture in his right arm. Originally caused by machete and gunshot wounds just before he reached Tacugama, the fracture never healed […]

Festive King Bruno book launch Freetown: conservation is key

Saturday 9 November was an important evening for Tacugama, as it was the official local launch of King Bruno. This beautifully illustrated book by Paul Glynn tells the story of Tacugama’s founding chimpanzee with the aim to educate young people about chimpanzees, conservation and development. Bruno’s life from orphaned baby to adult male roaming the […]

New baby chimp Mike arrives from palm oil plantation

Michael (or Mike as he is more commonly referred to) was brought to us by employees from a palm oil plantation after his mother had been hunted for bushmeat. This is illegal in Sierra Leone, but still quite widespread. We estimate that Mike is about one year old. He arrived with extremely scabby, itchy skin […]