Baby chimp Jeneba gets an eye ultrasound

In a previous post, we reported on Jeneba, Tacugama’s youngest chimp when she developed an abscess behind her eye. It seemed to resolve fully after a week of treatment and she was happily reunited with her mum, Jerry, and the rest of the group.

However, a month later the symptoms returned and once again we sadly had to separate her from her mum and the group so that we could take care of the problem. Again, after a week of treatment it seemed completely better. As this was the second time it occurred, we were concerned about possible ‘foreign bodies’, for instance a thorn or a grass seed that could still be behind the eye and cause the problem to recur.

Resident vet Jenny Jaffe and eye specialist Dr. Chand examining Jeneba’s eyes.

With the very kind assistance from imaging specialist Dr. Gordon-Harris, we were able to arrange an ultrasound scan of both eyes at nearby Choitram Hospital. Their eye specialist, Dr. Chand, examined her as well. Both agreed no foreign bodies could be detected. We feel very fortunate to have had their help. Jeneba is now back with mum and hopefully no future updates will be needed on this case!

Dr. Gordon-Harris using the state-of-the-art ultrasound at Choitram hospital to investigate Jeneba’s eye issues fully.

Mama Posseh keeping Jeneba comfortable while eye specialist Dr. Chand inspects her. His first chimpanzee case!

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    I hope little Jeneba gets well soon.

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