Monthly Archives: November 2012

PASA network helps save a baby chimp’s eye

At Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary our priority is to ensure that we have the space and resources to care for rescued chimpanzees and so we use contraceptive implants in our adult females. Occasionally, accidents do happen and Jeneba (Tacugama’s youngest resident, at 7 months old) was born to Jerry earlier this year. In October, she started […]

Mirror enrichment amuses the chimps at Tacugama

Primate behaviourist Caroline Griffis with Tacugama staff members Daniel Jawara and Murray Lamin Here at Tacugama we’ve been very lucky to have had the help of volunteers with special skills. Most recently, primate behaviourist Caroline has been with us for the last two months, focusing on enrichment and positive reinforcement training (more on that in […]