Monthly Archives: February 2012

When Perry met Molly…

The third in our recent introductions of chimps. – time for Perry to meet Molly.  Even very young chimps can become set in their ways and while Molly was very excited to meet her new playmate, Perry was not quite so sure……   See how their story evolves with these fun pictures. Enjoy! To be continued…..and […]

In memory of Kalie Ibrahim Bangura

Some of you may have already heard the very sad news of the sudden death this weekend of Kalie Ibrahim Bangura or KI as he was known to most.  KI was the Senior Game Superintendent in Sierra Leone’s Conservation and Wildlife Management Unit (part of the Forestry Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and […]

Nico’s road to recovery

Slowly but steadily, Nico’s machete wounds are healing. As for his fractured bone, we had to do a new cast (he chewed part of the first one). We were lucky to have the help from an experienced orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Michael Ford, who kindly agreed to come to the sanctuary to check on Nico’s broken […]

Another bush hunting orphan arrives at Tacugama

We received an urgent call last week from Addax Bioenergy to say that a young, injured chimpanzee had been seen at a village close to their operations and that they were enlisting the help of the police to have the chimp confiscated and brought to Tacugama. After lengthy discussions with the community and the police, […]