Monthly Archives: December 2011

You’ve made a world of difference for us in 2011 – thank you!

As 2011 draws to a close we would like to recognise the tremendous support that we have received from so many of you this year. We simply could not operate the sanctuary without your involvement is so many different ways. DONORS Adrian Wright, Alec Crawford, Alan Watling, Amy Mayers, Anna Martinsson, Brenton Head, Bryony Angell, […]

Seasons Greetings from Tacugama!

From all of us at Tacugama we’d like to wish you all the very best for this festive season! We thought you’d like to see that our newest and youngest arrivals are doing very well. Perry continues to make amazing progress. Young Molly has recovered well from the respiratory infection she arrived with and her […]

Community goat breeding programme gets underway

As well as caring for the chimpanzees at Tacugama an increasing part of our work is to address the root causes that threaten the survival of wild chimpanzees. The Tacugama Community Outreach Programme has been moving ahead in leaps and bounds recently and last week delivered 42 goats to rural communities in the Moyamba, Tonkolili […]

Caught napping….!

Our most established group has several adult males – some of the original chimps who were rescued in and before Tacugama’s early days.  When we usually see them during the day it’s close to feeding times and they’re very active, grooming, displaying and re-enforcing their positions in the group’s hierarchy.  Philip is the alpha male, […]

Bruno needs a publisher!

During a filming assignment to Sierra Leone, Paul Glynn kept hearing stories about Bruno, the first chimpanzee rescued by Tacugama’s founder – Bala Amarasekaran.  Bruno’s rescue completely changed Bala’s life and resulted in the founding of Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in 1995.  Curious to learn more about Bruno, Paul visited Tacugama and has become a close […]