Monthly Archives: March 2011

Where’s my mum please?

We’ve been seeing quite a lot of Congo (one of the wild chimps) and her children recently.  The younger of the two girls is now big enough to become a real playmate for her big sister, who also helps take care of her little sister when mum is busy (but never far away). Congo’s daughters […]

New Chimps to count!

A Chimp Census only for the Western Area Peninsula To learn more about the numbers and distribution of the Chimpanzee and other wildlife in the Western Area Peninsula Forest Reserve, we have engaged in a systematic approach. The National Chimpanzee Census Project in 2010 did cover the Peninsula, but not as detailed as we like […]

On the job!

Thank you to all of you for sharing your kind sentiments on the sudden death of our beloved “Lady Urgent”. It is very difficult to come to terms with it, but life must go on. Tacugama is busy as ever! This week we made further progress with the ‘Community Clean-up Project’. We were able to […]

A very sad day

It is never easy to write passing on sad news.  Early on Monday morning as our care staff went for their first visit of the day they were stunned to find that poor Urgent had passed away during the night.  Her death was completely unexpected and a post mortem failed to identify a cause of […]