Monthly Archives: April 2010

Basma’s Progress

Basma is growing into a healthy young girl with her mother Babes and all the group around her. She has had no health or social problems and has become a part of the group! She is still very young (her first birthday is on 11 July) and is always seen with her mother, Babes. Basma […]

Playing in Heaven

It’s not always easy to share our sad news…. two weeks ago one of our more vulnerable chimps, Bobbie, succumbed to a heart failure caused by a virus and passed away. Bobbie

Sarah squeezes in

You will have probably read about Sarah in a recent blog – she was recently the first chimp in Sierra Leone that we have ever said no to accepting because we are at maximum capacity.  She has been well cared for by Darren, an Australian working at the iron ore mine where Sarah was brought […]