Amics to the Rescue

We’re sure that you’re all aware of the funding challenges facing the Wildlife Direct team as they struggle to fill a very important gap in helping organisations like Tacugama to raise awareness and critical funds.

In 2007 we took our first tentative steps into the world of blogging thanks to Paula Kahumbu and her team at WD. We’ve not looked back, and while technology and time are not always on our side, blogging has become a very important way for us to connect with all of you, keep in touch and benefit from your support. It clearly has not been an easy decision for them to close the donation channel through WD – working with services such as Paypal from within developing countries IS NOT EASY!!

We are very lucky that as a result of our visit to Barcelona in November 2009, a motivated team of supporters (Mr Maldonado, Pemi Fortuny & Yasmina Cànoves and Pilar Garriga) established a Spanish not for profit support organisation: Associació Amics de Tacugama to generate support in Spain for our work. Thanks to this being in place we will be able to close the gap created by the withdrawal of WD’s donations channel.

As I write this blog our local IT hero, Howard, is battling with Sierra Leone’s slow internet speeds to get our donations page ready to take over the mantle from WD. All of your donations will be collected through a Paypal account set up by Amics and you can rest assured that apart from the processing fee levied by Paypal, all of your donations will come directly to Tacugama.

To continue making donations to Tacugama – visit our website donation page . Please be patient with us over the next few days as we iron out any teething troubles – thank you!

Please, please, please keep spreading the word that we need help to raise funds for our enclosure and to make sure that we can open our doors once again to new arrivals. We’d like to thank everyone for the amazing efforts made in March – you have helped us to raise over US$4,700 – please help to keep the momentum going. Thank you to you our supporters and to Wildlife Direct for making it possible for us to connect!

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