Tompey is scanned

Thanks a lot to all for your support. We have raised over $3000 so far. Many of you have sent appeals to friends and family and the word is spreading. As soon as we get to 50% of our target, we will order the materials needed to build the enclosures.

We really believe we can do this together and your support will be recognized. We will hang a board with the names of each person and organization once the enclosures are built.

Meanwhile work continues at Tacugama. Tompey is doing very well. Last week, Dr. Fiona, a pediatrician volunteering at a local children hospital, came to assist Dr. Rosa at Tacugama. She brought a portable ultrasound machine to check out Tompey.

Tompey's scan 00

Tompey's scan 01

Since her arrival, Tompey had two big lumps in her belly that we could not determine their nature. Dr. Fiona was very enthusiastic in helping the chimps and suggested to use an ultrasound scan. This is something hard to come by in Sierra Leone. Thankfully, the bumps turned out to be nothing to worry about. Dr. Fiona also managed to scan her chest to locate the bullet fragment. It seems it is imbedded in the heart wall. It is amazing that she survived!

Tompey behaved very well and did allow us to check on her without a struggle. After the scan, she had another dose of bracelet grooming.

Tompey's scan 03

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3 comments on “Tompey is scanned

  1. Christine C. on said:

    Oh, adorable little Tompey…what a sweetheart and survivor! Can the bullet frgament cause problems for her in the future?

  2. Theresa on said:

    This little girl is a living miracle! I am glad to hear the lumps were not something serious. She has certainly been through enough. She does love Dr. Rosa’s bracelet…lol.

  3. Lucia Cristiana, Brasil on said:

    I hope I am help to say YES for these sweet little chimp eyes. Thank you dear Bala and all at Tacugama.

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