Monthly Archives: January 2010

Operation Gorilla: not for weak stomachs!

Warning: some of the pictures shown below may be disturbing. As part of our routine health care of the chimpanzees at Tacugama, we recently gave Gorilla (yes that’s really his name -you can read more about him on one of our earlier blogs here) a booster vaccination. After a few days, Gorilla’s leg showed signs […]

Willie and Moses: Part III

In two earlier blogs we gave you questions answered by Willie and Moses, two staff members at Tacugama who have been here for many many years.Please read below for their final answers! What positive effects do you think TCS has on the local community? Moses: Tacugama has some major positive effects, such as protecting the […]

Happy New Year – 2010 marks Tacugama’s 15th year!

Happy New Year to all of you from all of us at Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary. We hope that you have enjoyed the holiday season. As all of our chimpanzee family need the same care every day, our routine stays very similar no matter the day of the year but we’ve enjoyed meeting the extra visitors […]