Updates… Quarantine, Basma, Gaura & Co

Hi this is Tess, giving you an update on all the youngsters.

Firstly Samson and Delilah have settled in very well to their new home. Samson is the more playful of the two, but also the one who cries the most, seeking lots of attention! Delilah is more laid back in her new surroundings and is more curious about things going on around her.

Basma is doing incredibly well, and is now beginning to eat proper food! Babes is being a great mother, and at feeding time shares her food with both her children, Basma and Bintu.

Basma has her eye on her mother’s food (as does one of the older chimps!)

Babes, Bintu and Basma at feeding time

As for the rest of the youngsters in quarantine, Chippe and Thulani both passed quarantine with flying colours and have now been integrated together. The meeting went very smoothly, although Thulani, the smaller one of the two likes to make sure Chippe knows he is the boss! Posseh has a tough time when she brings them out of their enclosure to play  – rather than exploring Thulani is determined to get Chippe and bite him!

Posseh tries hard to keep Thulani from Chippe!

As Posseh entertains Thulani, Chippe gets to explore the trees in peace

Chippe has some time alone with Posseh

Abu, Sunny and Blama have technically finished their quarantine but it will take some time to move them as we are desperately trying to resolve the problems that we have with the lack of enclosure space.


Kangari has not been very well this week, but with love and attention from Mama Posseh, he has made a good recovery and started to play again.

Lastly for today…  Gaura and company….

No major incidents to report thankfully! After the two groups joined together, the fourteen chimps are still having a great time together, although they have not sorted out their hierarchy yet! Poor Gaura and Mac, as two of the younger boys are having a bit of a hard time. The older boys, especially Spana and Bimbo are definitely trying to show them who is boss. Gaura  was the alpha male of the younger group and they want to see how strong he is. Unfortunately Mac may just have got in the way as being an ally of Gaura.  Two of the other older chimps, Alex and Bimbo, haven’t quite decided whose side they are on. Sometimes they defend Gaura, and sometimes they join in against him; he has the determination and energy of a leader, even at a young age. Maybe Spana and Bimbo realize this so give him such a hard time! But don’t worry – it’s not fighting all the time and we often see them all playing together when it matters less who’s boss!

Gaura and Mac left alone to play together

Everyone else is getting on fine, and no-one seems to be causing much trouble. In the two original groups, there was one girl in each group to watch out for; Jessica and Joyce. Since they have become great friends they are definitely a lot happier and have calmed down a lot! Yoyema on the other hand can get a little jealous sometimes!

Jessica has fun with some leaves

Everybody has fun with some leaves!

The group can often be seen playing altogether on the platforms, relaxing or spending time on their own high up in the trees. Chica and Bruno seem to have similar personalities, spending lots of time on their own but also being popular in the group.

The younger chimps seek attention from Chica, far right

We’ll be back in touch with more news soon.

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  1. Christine C.
    Posted November 30, 2009 at 3:45 pm | Permalink

    I am so pleased to hear that everything is going well…and updates on Guara always make my day :)

  2. Theresa
    Posted November 30, 2009 at 4:57 pm | Permalink

    Wonderful pictures and update on the gang. I am thrilled everyone is doing well. Basma has grown into a gorgeous little girl! Of course I love all those little faces. What precious little ones they are. I hope they can find their place without too much trouble.

  3. Yvonne M
    Posted December 1, 2009 at 2:41 am | Permalink

    Fantastic photographs…great to hear the youngsters are doing well!

  4. Talbot
    Posted December 16, 2009 at 3:53 am | Permalink

    They are all so adorable. You just want to cuddle all of them in your arms. Nice to see they are so content in groups and also when they are on their own. Thanks for sharing the photos.

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