Monthly Archives: February 2009

Tacugama Newsletter is out….

Hello Our latest Tacugama newsletter has just been published – please click on this link to download your copy now! , We’re pleased to let you know that young Bruno is settling in well and he remains happy and gentle. Also – thanks to Christine, Joanne, Lucia, Sherri and Theresa for their recent donations and […]

Another Bruno? God…I am stuck here for another 20 years!

I was with Dr. Rosa in Freetown doing some errands and she was commenting on the fact the Jessica will be completing her last health check and in a few days she will be out of quarantine. We were happy that this is the first time since last year our quarantine section will be free […]

The Tacugama Kids Programme gets ACTive!

Term 2 is in full swing and Class 5 students from the fifteen schools participating in the TKP have been performing a short play for their classmates as a reinforcement activity for the lesson on pollution. The play deals with issues of water pollution within the rural communities in which these children live and addresses […]