Monthly Archives: December 2008

Important News from Tacugama’s Young Ambassadors!

Gaura and Tombo have an important seasonal message for everyone… . They’d also like you to know that if you’re stuck for a Christmas gift then there’s no need to panic. You can now visit our new pages on Wildlife Direct and adopt one of the Tacugama chimpanzees for your family and friends. We will […]

And Jessica makes 92!

Sadly we have to report the arrival of another very young chimpanzee at Tacugama – Jessica was brought to us late last week by the Gola Forest project to whom she was handed by her keeper in a sack. They quickly made life more comfortable for her before bringing her to the sanctuary. Jessica on […]

Return to the Trees

What a great few days we’ve had here! We’ve finally been able to introduce Urgent and Salva to a whole new way of life much closer to what Mother Nature intended for them. After such a terrible first 15 years Urgent is now out in one of our forested enclosures and able to climb trees, […]