Monthly Archives: October 2008

A new mouth to feed….

Sorry for the recent lack of a post, intermittent internet connections and spreading flu have conspired against us staying in touch with you over the past week and more. On our last post we mentioned a new arrival at Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary. Her name is Bai Nyaa, which means woman of the kigdom Bai. She […]

Flu strikes

Chimpanzees are tough but when it comes to respiratory infections, they suffer badly. At Tacugama we dread when flu strikes. Unfortunately, the flu season is here and all 27 chimps in Mamma Lucy’s group are coughing, sneezing and some have fever. Marion and Josephine have been the worst affected. Marion spent one day refusing food […]

An Urgent Problem…

Urgent has now also finished her quarantine period and we have the difficult challenge of integrating her into an existing family group.  Introducing adult chimpanzees is very difficult and often unsuccessful. In the case of Urgent and her history, it may well be impossible.  Our goal is to integrate her to Gorilla and Baba’s group. […]

Together for ever!

Last week saw the end of Tombo’s quarantine period and so finally we’ve been able to give Gaura a playmate. After a long wait, he was very excited to meet Tombo. With only a small hesitation on Tombo’s part, it took no time for them to bond together, so much so that Tombo wouldn’t let […]