Monthly Archives: September 2008

Quarantine Update

Time is flying by in quarantine and Tombo and Urgent have almost finished their 3 month separation from other chimps, Mac has been moved into a bigger cage and Salva is making an amazing recovery from his horrific wounds. Due to his small size Mac has been living in a smaller cage while building up […]

Marion meets her new family

Marion is a good natured 3.5 years old female chimpanzee. She arrived at Tacugama last November after being confiscated by an IMATT soldier in a small town named Moyamba, towards the south west of Sierra Leone. She had been kept by people for two years and was mostly free to roam in the town. Maybe […]

Ice Breaking in Sierra Leone!

It’s not an expected port of call for an ice-breaker, but early September saw HMS Endurance, a British Royal Navy ship, call into Freetown, the world’s third largest natural harbour. The ship’s tour of South and West Africa is helping to raise awareness of climate change and its impact on developing nations (find out more […]

Good news, bad news

Congo, our lady from the wild, has a new brand baby. A tiny furry chimp with pinkish hands and feet holding tight on Congo’s belly….that’s all that we manage to get a glimpse of. What a wonderful surprise! Congo is impossible to get pictures of… she runs away at the sight of a camera, or […]