Busy in the quarantine section

Definitely this is a busy time in Tacugama. With so many new arrivals in a short period of time and the condition in which they arrived, the caregivers and the vet are very occupied.

We are happy to report that Salva is recovering well. Dr. Rosa has sedated him three times to treat his wounds and they are healing well. He has a healthy appetite and for the last three days he has started to accept milk for which he now cries. He is still not allowing us to touch him but accepts food from our hand. I can’t start to imagine how much Salva has endured to be that scared of people.

Salva enjoying a treat (bread) after his sedation

Mac is growing very fond of his hammock and loves to have naps in it. He is putting on weight, but that is not surprising if you saw the amount of food he can wolf down!

 Mac with Posseh enjoying a bit of sun in this rainy month

Mac always with some food at hand

Finally we got pictures of Tombo climbing instead of hugging! And she can climb!!! So high and fast that we were concerned she might lose her step! But she did not and now really enjoys her exercise sessions.




Gaura is now a big boy and at any chance he will display, beating his feet on the bench. We are thinking of enlisting him for tap dance classes! Unfortunately, he is still in one of the quarantine cages, as the next area he should go to is full (20 chimps) and we are waiting to raise enough money to built a new enclosure. It is sad because he loves climbing so much! And the situation will be the same for when Tombo, Mac and Salva have completed their quarantine period!

Urgent is now getting much more used to her new home and becoming very playful. It’s almost impossible to get a picture of her – the one below is the best we can get. We have to sneak up before she spots the camera and pushes it away.



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10 comments on “Busy in the quarantine section

  1. Wanda, Atlanta on said:

    Updates on everyone I have been just dying to hear about — thanks Bala – thanks so much!

  2. sheryl, washington dc on said:

    Thanks, Bala, for updates on all the recent orphans. I love the blurry picture of Urgent and glad to see she’s doing so well.


  3. ashley on said:

    I think that the monkeys should be free

  4. Sherri S. on said:

    Mac sitting on Posseh’s knee is about the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long, long time. Thank you (and thank Posseh for taking such good care of such a cutie!).

  5. christine c. on said:

    Bala – thank you for the update and the great pictures…I am happy to hear all of “our” babies are doing so well!

  6. Look at those ears…….adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Lucia Cristiana, Brasil on said:

    I’m so glad to know that they are going well.I miss pictures of Gaura! Thanks!

  8. Joanne Yang on said:

    Bala, thanks so much for these updates. Good to know Salva is recovering and other babies are all doing well. Tombo really can climb! Please share a latest photo of Gaura if possible.
    My thoughts are always with all of you at Tacugama.

  9. Joanne Yang on said:

    Chimps are really intelligent and sensitive creatures. When orphans like Gaura, Tombo, Mac first arrived, they looked so scared and miserable; but all your care and love have tranformed them and they look totally different now. We really thank you for doing so much for these poor chimps.

  10. It’s so good to hear they are doing well! They have the most precious little faces. Salva looks so much better. Poor baby…I’m not sure I could handle knowing what was done to him to make him so frightened. He will come to trust in time. At least he is taking food and eating well! Thank God someone found him in time and thank God they brought him there…now he will find out above being loved instead of hurt.

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