Monthly Archives: August 2008

Busy in the quarantine section

Definitely this is a busy time in Tacugama. With so many new arrivals in a short period of time and the condition in which they arrived, the caregivers and the vet are very occupied. We are happy to report that Salva is recovering well. Dr. Rosa has sedated him three times to treat his wounds […]

Another rescue from cruel captivity

Thursday night brought Tacugama the sad arrival of yet another chimp from the Gola Forest area. Some of the photos in this blog are not for the squeamish, sorry. He was found captive in a village in South East Sierra Leone, but again the circumstances of his capture are unclear as the villagers were unwilling […]

Sliding in the rain…

The rainy season brings us lots of challenges at the Sanctuary, making sure that the younger chimps don’t catch a chill, fixing endless leaks in staff and chimpanzee accommodation, navigating roads as they wash away so that we can bring supplies to camp and just trying to get anything to dry out. Strangely enough we […]

How many chimpanzees in Sierra Leone?

There is no accurate understanding of current wild chimpanzee numbers in Sierra Leone. What we know is that the forest cover today is only 5% of what it was 100 years ago and that human encroachment of key habitat areas continues at an alarming rate. Timber collection close to the entrance road for Outamba Kilimi […]

Half year round-up

Twice a year, we write Tacugama’s newsletter for friends of the sanctuary to catch up on a summary of our news… here´s a copy for you too! Have a read to catch up on what’s been happening at Tacugama over the first half of 2008 – maybe your family and friends would like to see it too! Please click on […]