Monthly Archives: June 2008

A helping hand from the Navy

We’ve had a welcome visit from the British Navy; HMS Albion called into Freetown last week and crew members paid a visit to Tacugama with a few spare hours on their hands. The list of maintenance jobs is always growing and it was great to have the sailors working on our to-do list! With kind […]

A kiss gone too far…

We’re busy at the moment with Boyze, the other adult from Augusta’s group, who is being introduced to Phillip and his adult group. Boyze is a renowned bully and has no regard for anyone younger than him. Ideally, he should have gone with Gorilla and Solo to join the youngsters but it is a huge […]

Junior saved from a horrible fall

Hello everyone, quick greetings from me as I’m still busy with mending camp facilities, chimp integrations and some health issues. We almost lost Junior, a 5 year old from Baba’s group, last week. Thanks immensely to Drs Sorn and Andrew Routh for saving his life and helping out with other health problems in the absence […]

Dirty Dancing

The rains are here and I’ve been really busy with lots of maintenance work at the sanctuary and some new introductions. Sorry for not giving you as much regular news recently but thanks for your comments and donations. We appreciate them very much. Little Gaura is fine. Gorilla is doing well in Baba’s group. Boyze, […]