Monthly Archives: April 2008

Gaura and Bidi. An update.

Poor little Gaura….he has gone through his first knock down! Despite his tolerant nature towards medical procedures, he had to be sedated as we all know dental surgery can be very painful.

They are there!

The Eco-lodges at Tacugama Bernie, one of our long-time friends here at Tacugama stayed in our eco-lodges for a while and wrote this evocative blog entry for us, detailing his encounter with Congo the wild chimp we see here occasionally.

Augusta Passes Away

With a heavy heart we announce the death of Augusta. Augie as we fondly call her, was the oldest resident at TCS. She was about 25 years old.

Tacugama hosts PASA

A thousand apologies for not being in touch but this has been a very hectic and exciting week for us. We had the honor of hosting the 2008 PASA management meeting and the last participants left today.