Monthly Archives: February 2008

Not only chimpanzees….

First of all thanks very much to Wanda and Theresa for their great donations that we’ve received this month towards medication costs and running the sanctuary. We thought that you might like to know a few facts surrounding the environment in Sierra Leone: * Forest coverage in Sierra Leone has decreased from 75% to 5% […]

Web of Life

First of all we’d like to say a big thank you to Lucia for her very generous donation towards little Gaura’s care. He’s coping with his teething and behaving well. Here’s an update on the Tacugama Kids Programme and the Hastings School Nature Club – we told you about Mr Wright and his fantastic launch […]

Murals and Rain Dances

Santos the artist has completed his beautiful work improving the visitor areas within the sanctuary with his artwork! We are proud of his creations and would like to share some of them with you. The school kids seem to love them and Mosses and Willie are inspired to tell more stories to the kids and […]

Lady from the wild

Miss Congo, a wild chimpanzee, and her baby have been camping around Tacugama the whole of this week causing loads of noise and triggering some manly responses from the adult males. She’s made sure that they all know that she’s ready to mate (demonstrated in female chimps by the large, pink swelling of their genital […]

Sightings in the wild…

At Tacugama we spend time and resources to build relationships with the communities around the Western Area Forest Reserve (WAFR) to educate people about signs to look for, what to expect and how to deal with the situation should they ever come into contact with chimpanzees in the wild. These relationships proved invaluable to us […]

Introducing Mama Lucy’s group

At Tacugama we try to create as natural an environment as possible for the chimpanzees. An important part of this is establishing groups that recreate the natural family hierarchies that exist in the wild – a tough job when our chimps come from all over Sierra Leone. Mama Lucy’s group out in the enclosure .