Monthly Archives: January 2008

Just a quick update

First of all thanks very much to Theresa, Lucia and Wanda for your recent generous donations – we really appreciate your support. It’s been a hectic week here at Tacugama so sorry for a short entry but we wanted to give you a quick update on Gaura. He’s settling well but his health is still […]

On the ropes

In the name of all of chimps of Tacugama, a big thanks to Wanda and Perri for their donations in December. Every penny counts here and we will put these generous contributions to good use. Little Gaura has been feeling sick again. He recovered from his cold but is now developing low grade fever in […]

Our first TKP Nature Club

Hi – this is Harriet here, one of the volunteers working at Tacugama. Bala’s asked me to update you on some great follow up on the Tacugama Kids Programme that he introduced to you in his second blog. One of the goals of our first workshop was to encourage the teachers to start nature clubs […]

Keeping Gaura warm

Gaura is doing fine so far. This week the harmattan winds (from the Sahara) are blowing hard around the sanctuary and it is very chilly. Despite sleeping indoors with blankets and so on, he is so tiny that in the morning he shivers and we’ve had to dress him in pyjamas to keep him warmer. […]

A new arrival

We have started 2008 by receiving our youngest resident, Gaura. He is a very tiny chimp, no more than 2.5 kg in weight and less than a year old. He comes from the Gaura Chiefdom in Eastern Sierra Leone. He was found in a trap in the Gola Forest (which has very recently been declared […]

A sleepless night

A few days ago Perform, a 12 year old male, failed to turn up for the last feeding of the day. We give supplementary feeding to the older chimps who range in the bigger enclosures and forage for some of their own food. This also allows us to monitor them as not all choose to […]