Monthly Archives: December 2007

New introductions

Everyone in camp is happy as three tiny tots: Mary, Tico and Jettie from quarantine are graduating to the introduction group. Whenever we receive newly rescued chimps they are isolated from the rest of the sanctuary’s chimpanzees for around three months so that we can bring them back to full health and ensure they’re not […]

Spreading the word

We’re gradually getting ourselves into the blogging habit and catching up on events over the last couple of weeks. Thanks for all the comments. The real time for Charlie Girl’s antics was about three weeks ago and today’s blog catches up on two weeks ago… we’ll soon be hot off the press and gradually fill […]

Behind The Scenes At Tacugama Chimp Sanctuary.

As another busy day comes to an end at Tacugama, our head care staff, Mosses, radios through that one of our chimpanzees, Charlie Girl, has a swollen arm and is not using it! Mosses has been with us here at Tacugama almost since we started in 1995 (even staying with the chimps through the worst […]